Ever since “Dreamer” was off to Erie PA and “Malabar X” to Barcelona Spain, a dream to one day see a John G Alden design in Buffalo has been lingering on the horizon of Sail Buffalo. Just recently we received a letter from a shipwright in Barcelona (!) down in Lake Erie asking if we would be interested in purchasing “Clara Brown” a John G Alden design no 872, originating from 1952 when it was made in Maine.

Needless to say- it was only a question of hours until we were down in the hangar at Barcelona Marina where she was. How often is it that you look at something and feel as if time stands still? You can feel as if you are back in time, to when the boat was done, and you can sense the happiness of the first owner and of everyone after him, when just sitting inside the cabin, watching how she has been taken care of, owner by owner, year after year.

Thanks to our member No 1, Giles Kavanagh, this vessel has now found a new home, and we plan on proudly display her inside the Naval Cove at the Commercial Wharf. A historic docking for a historic vessel!

The 28th of May a full crew consisting of myself plus Chris (LittleWally) and Nick (WallyWorld) plus D.J we shall sail her back to Buffalo’s Inner Harbor. It will be a long journey, range 100 miles, possibly 10-12 hours,
maybe even an overnight.

Captain Pierre W