Sail Buffalo launched its crowdfunding for The Buffalo Aquabus at Ashkers Cafe & Juice Bar last Saturday afternoon. The event was very well attended – the crowd enjoyed a musical performance by MacKenzie and Martha who are great friends of Sail Buffalo. Ashkar’s provided delicious sandwiches, cookies and juice. Cash donations were made by notable community members -Matt Pasquarella, Renee Morgan, Ed Kiralius. Many of the attendees made pledges and several expressed their interest in Sail Buffalo’s boat share program.

Sail Buffalo was interviewed by Newell Nussbaumer at Buffalo Rising (see it here). Buffalo First has featured the campaign in their Biz Journal. Time Warner Cable gave us a lengthy interview! If anyone gets access to this interview, please email Sail Buffalo with the link! We’d love to see and share it.

Now is the time to come aboard and make your pledge The Buffalo Aquabus. Everyone is eager to find as many ways as we can to cross Buffalo River and connect our city from Canal Side to the Outer Harbor.
If you are unfamiliar with what an aquabus is and how it promotes a city, Sail Buffalo encourages you to check out aquabuses in other notable cities such as Vancouver BC, Long Beach CA, and Panama City. Here is how tourists have rated the aquabus service in these cities on Trip Advisor.

Check out what citizens and tourists are saying about the Aquabus in Vancouver. Here is what the Aquabus can do for The Queen City:

  • …wonderfully photogenic rainbow-coloured mini-ferries that zoom around False Creek taking you where you need to be in minutes – Caro-Highgate, Highgate, London
  • It is a mode of transportation that makes so much sense! – Ottawa_uhl, Ottawa, Canada
  • Brilliant Idea Someone had Here – I used to live in Yale Town and often took the Aquabus over to get to the Jericho beach. Cheap, fast and actually a lot of fun. – bryanbhb2015, Vancouver, Canada
  • An affordable water view of the city. This is a fun way to get around the waterfront and while seeing the city from another perspective. – Carla W, Vancouver, Canada
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