Sail Buffalo would like to invite you to join them for a Small Boat Instructor clinic starting on May 28, 2015, and a Basic Keelboat Instructor clinic starting on May 31, 2015 at its Buffalo NY location. Learn more about the ASA – American Sailing Association or begin your online registration with ASA here.

Small boat clinics are not available very often, and this is your chance to get your summer started with the certifications that you’ll need. Each year, Duncan Hood conducts a number of instructor clinics across the country and around the globe, and this spring, at the beginning of the sailing season, he’ll be conducting ASA 210 and 201 Instructor Certification clinics here in Buffalo NY. This clinic is designed to give instructors real examples, exercises and tools with which to conduct their own classes efficiently, effectively, and professionally as well as evaluate skills and provide personal coaching.

In the 210 class, You’ll be using small daggerboard boats. The course will include lots of hands-on work, including capsizing, MOB recovery, towing, games for students, and class design. It’s fun, interactive, interesting, and everyone gets into the action continuously.

ASA 201 is the bedrock of the ASA curriculum and the entry to keelboat sailing. We will use boats between 22′ and 26′ while working on boat handling & rescue skills, class development, teaching skills, and course content.

Hone up your skills this Spring. Become a professional ASA certified instructor sailing instructor or kick your certifications up a notch. This clinic is open to anyone who loves to sail and wants to become a certified instructor. No prior ratings are required. You don’t have to be an instructor at Sail Buffalo or any other school for this clinic; just want to improve your skills, and have the desire to teach others.

You may begin your online registration – Registration for Instructor clinic and email it to or call ASA directly at 310-822-7171.

Dates & details for the 2015 Sailing Instructor Certification. :

Sail Buffalo
2 Fuhrmann Blvd
Buffalo NY 14203

What & When:

    ASA 210, Small Boat Instructor, $295

    • Thursday, May 28th – 6:30p-9:30p
    • Friday, May 29th – 9am-5pm
    • Saturday, May 30th – 9am-5pm
    • Sunday, May 31st – 9am-5pm

    ASA 210, Basic Keelboat Instructor, $295

    • Sunday, May 31st – 6:30p-9:30p
    • Monday, June 1st – 9am-5pm
    • Tuesday, June 2nd, 9am-5pm

    Your local contact at Sail Buffalo is Pierre Wallinder – visit our contact page for more details.

    Learn more about this great opportunity to get your Sailing Instructor Certification.