Captain Pierre Wallinder, Director of Operations, shares a summary of the 2016 sailing season at Sail Buffalo and announces the 2017 Junior Sail Camp schedule.

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2017 Junior Sail Camp Schedule

The 2017 Summer Sail Camp Sessions are Available NOW
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Greetings Fellow Sailors!

Another season has come to a close, and as we look in the mirror we realize we had a fantastic season! So many days in bright sun, with shifting winds and too little rain, but good for us on the water!

Our fleet saw several important additions: 3 additional SunFish, add the Harpoon (thanks to Mic Meyer, love that boat Mic!) , and the Walker Bay, and we have a good number for the growing Junior Sailing Camp. Its possible we add 2 more SunFish next year, if we see a good number of campers signing on.

The majestic Yankee Clipper was a joy to sail, she will continue to share the Flagship status with Clara Brown. Yankee Clipper will do ASA 103, 104 and Charters. Clara Brown Good-Will Sailing!

(CB needs a new additional designated Skipper, someone who loves wood and is gentle to the old lady, her 68th birthday is next year!)

The Sailing camp enrollment tripled this year! It was a blessing to see so many new and old faces coming to experience what we offer. For new counselors we will offer free Safe Boating Course, thru the USCG auxiliary, so the young ones can drive a power boat. You can sign up for the 2017 Junior Sail Camp Summer Sessions here!

Say Yes Buffalo will come back next year, it was truly wonderful to see the little kids starting the day with reading, followed by a fun day outside! Donna Matucci did a really great job the last 2 weeks, and we ended that program on a high note!

Our Boat Share Program is growing, with the added Hunter 28.5 docked at Buffalo First Marina, we give the more advanced Captains an opportunity to feel the joy of cruising with a wheel.

The “Kayak Hotel” received a lot of attention, several new season passes were given out, we expect that number to grow. Being a Season Pass Holder will allow you to use more than just the rack, book the Floating Galley and invite your friends! (just keep in mind the alcohol policy…)

ASA Sailing Certifications saw a rapid expansion at the end of the season, good to see the word is getting out, the last 2 months were really busy! The 2017 ASA Sailing Certification Schedule will be posted soon.

Please let me add to this report a few words about next year. It is very important for our cash flow you make the effort to pay in the early spring, why is that? That’s when we have most of our expenses, the insurances, the cost of putting the docks in, getting boats ready and much more. Our goal is to be self sustaining, and because of you, we are reaching that point, slowly…

The newly constructed huts will come in very good use, some for storage and some for programs-classroom space! My favorites are the Ships Library and the Arts & Crafts. The Trading Post will be very interesting to see developed.

The Interpretative Center received a major donation from Dan and Amanda Butler; a new Kitchenette, amazing quality, feeling eternally grateful!

During the winter months, mail box, office and accounts will be monitored if I am away! For the need to discuss anything, just call me via WhatsApp or Skype, or send an email.

Warmest regards, with a big thank you for your commitment to Sail Buffalo and our waterfront!

Captain Pierre Wallinder