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Our Boats are Docked at the Sail Buffalo Campus:

Fuhrmann Boulevard, Cazenovia Community Boating Center (next to the Coast Guard) Direction: Over the Skyway- 1st exit, turn right, end of street on your right side, gated entrance. Entrance is by appointment only, or, when the gate is open, feel free to walk in and knock on the door to the Interpretative Center.


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    Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

    Absolutely- we will go out for a sail together and you will demonstrate your knowledge, and after we both agree that you are a confident and safe sailor – and our financial arrangements have been taken care of, you are good to go. Learn more about becoming a Friend of Sail Buffalo.

    Parking is free in designated areas along Fuhrmann Blvd.

    Your appointment is rescheduled or indoor activities are available.

    Dress weather appropriately, and bring sunscreen lotion. The sun is a lot stronger on the water, so you need to protect yourself. If it would rain, but still is nice and warm, and of course windy, we may decide to still carry on. In most cases with rain, we do stay ashore for theory lessons, or just keep watching an instructional movie, until it clears up again.

    • Sneakers (no black soles)

    • Sunscreen

    • Weather appropriate clothing

    • Water to keep hydrated

    We have a strict no alcohol/drug policy.

    We never sail far away from the shores, and if/when we see a front approaching, we will quickly go back to a marina. In each boat is a weather radio. Prior to any departure it’s good seamanship to check the local forecast. If the wind is stronger than 20 MPH we will not go out into the lake, but stay ashore and practice other training elements, learn theory, or just spend quality time together.