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When you teach sailing, you teach life skills and you are teaching how to build a relationship to nature. At the same time, we underscore the importance of remaining humble while living on this earth. Sail Buffalo is a value-driven organization. In addition to teaching sailing skills and water safety, we stress the importance of recycling and healthy living. Sail Buffalo has recently constructed new docks and a new building to house classrooms and purchased new boats (for students of all ages). A multi-functional “open space or floating classroom” was added in 2013 and is docked next to the boats. Another of the new buildings is designated as a ship’s library and trading post. A third new building will house a café offering healthy drinks and snacks. A garden area contributes to students’ learning experiences. Adult classes in health and nutrition and recycling are under development. Health and wellness coach Jennifer Keppard has joined our team. With her guidance, we are developing programs and schedules which will be available soon.

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The ASA is the world’s foremost organization dedicated to training, teaching and certifying schools, sailing instructors and sailing enthusiasts.
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The ASA is the world’s foremost sailing organization.

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