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Our goal at Sail Buffalo is to help students to become safe, confident sailors. We promise to give you the tools necessary to excel beyond the requirements of the ASA national course examinations.

Summary of Student StandardThe American Sailing Association has adopted two separate Progressive Sailing Certification Programs: a seven stage Keelboat Sailing Certification Program and a two stage Small Boat Sailing Program. The following are the general descriptions or summaries of these Standards. Candidates must have attained the stated prerequisites before they may “Challenge” or take the required ASA examination.

The complete Standards are contained in the ASA Official International Log Book. They are minimum Standards and nothing may be deleted if a Candidate is to be awarded ASA Certification. On the other hand, schools may add to these Standards if they wish to stress or emphasize local conditions which might be encountered or particular characteristics of the boats used during instruction. It is recommended that sailors planning to follow these standards become proficient in swimming, first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and arresting bleeding.

The ASA “Challenge” – Sailors who consider themselves qualified to ASA Standards may “Challenge” the ASA Standards at any ASA Certification Facility. To challenge the Standards one must progress successfully through the ASA system of Standards. Contact us for more details.

If you want it, we offer private lessons. Classes are 2 hrs. – $200.00.

ASA Standards / Curriculum

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